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Plaslantic Welcomes You

Plaslantic wants to be the Plastic Sheeting supplier of choice to the Southern African food industry. We are committed to supplying our customers consistently, and on time, with good quality material at competitive prices. We will cooperate closely with our customers to improve the performance of our material in their processes.

Plaslantic History

Plaslantic was established in December 2013 and started production in February 2014. We operate a Welex Model 12X 18LHSL sheet extrusion line comprising a 3.5" main extruder and two 2.5" co-extruders. A radiation thickness monitoring system ensures accurate thickness control. An in-line laminator enables us to do heat seal lamination to Polystyrene and Polypropylene sheeting.

Plaslantic Products

Our main product line is Polystyrene sheeting for the yoghurt industry (Form Fill Seal applications), but we also produce ABS, Polypropylene and Styrolux sheeting. We can produce sheeting 200 mm to 900 mm wide and 0.18 mm to 3.0 mm thick. Our co-extruders and mould design enables us to produce 3 colours and up to 5 layers.

Plaslantic Location

Physical Address:
23 Nebula Crescent, Blackheath, Cape Town, 7581

Plaslantic Contact Details

Tel Number:
+27 21 905 1956
Cell Number:
+27 84 706 9957
Email Address:
Physical Address:
23 Nebula Crescent,
Cape Town,
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